Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Rainbow sandals?

I had a cut on my foot and blood got on my new rainbow sandals which I bought at pac sun. My friends tell me i shouldn%26#039;t use water to clean it off because it would just make it worse.. any ideas?

Rainbow sandals?
Get a towel and wet it with WARM water. Gently dab the stain on the sandals with the towel. The stain should come right out. But, don%26#039;t soak it too much because it might ruin the sandals. Getting your Rainbows soaking wet will stain them worse than the blood. Once Rainbows are submerged in water, they are pretty much damaged forever!
Reply:Well, if you used a sponge and LIGHTLY soak it with water, then gently try to clean the blood off, it should get it off. If that doesn%26#039;t work, try using a little alcohol.
Reply:Go back to the store and ask what the best way to clean blood out of the shoe is...Good luck!
Reply:Have you tried a little hydrogen peroxide diluted in water on a q-tip?
Reply:sorry, but i dont think that rainbow sandals are cute.


White sandals or flip flops ( ladies only)?

how do i keep that like dirt/toe line from ruining the appearance of my white sandals and flip flops

White sandals or flip flops ( ladies only)?
sink fill half way with hot water, scrubby sponge and soapy water.

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Rainbow sandals?

Where is the cheapest place to buy rainbow sandals?

Rainbow sandals?
at nordstroms, they have them for around 35, i think. pacsun probably carries rainbows too.

i%26#039;m sure if you look around, discount stores like ross,berlington, etc. will carry them too.
Reply:i dont know...but you are the shiz nit! :) haahaaa i like thatt

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Are sandals inappropriate for 33 year old men?

Wondering if sandals and flip flops are inappropriate for men in their 30%26#039;s, If not what types should they wear?

Are sandals inappropriate for 33 year old men?
certainly not!!!!! anyone can wear sandals at any age!!
Reply:Of course it%26#039;s okay to wear sandals!! My dad still wears them and he%26#039;s about 50. Anyone can wear them at any age and time.
Reply:I think that they would be perfectly fine, as long as you don%26#039;t go over the top. A simple brown leather flip flop or sandal looks fine with a pair of jeans or shorts.
Reply:no plus you should not care if some one though it was inappropriate
Reply:How is wearing sandals trying to be a like a teenager? You can wear sandals at any age, just don%26#039;t wear them with socks and make sure your toe nails are clean!

HTH : )
Reply:I don%26#039;t think you have to be a certain age to wear sandals. You can wear whatever you want but I don%26#039;t like sandals on guys period. But if that%26#039;s your style and your comfortable in them, then go on ahead.

Hope I Helped

Good Luck !
Reply:No way!!! everone can wear sandals... okay jk. mayb up to late 40%26#039;s early 50%26#039;s ... wrinklely toes at the beach is soooo nawt sexy lololol but as long as u don%26#039;t wear them with socks... u r goood to go

Lollie xoxo
Reply:It is approrprate for men of all ages to wear sandals if they feel confortable wearing them not matter if they are 33, 66, or 99 years old.
Reply:no my dad wears them and he is 40
Reply:I think they can wear them as long as it is sans socks.
Reply:no its not inappropriate.... just make sure your nails are trimed...
Reply:You can be 80...and sandals would be just fine!

Socks with sandals? Now that%26#039;s a NO NO!




Reply:Have you ever been to Florida?, Naw just kidding man, Yea I got a pair from Abercrombie%26amp;Fitch cutest things I own, and they are a masculine sandal too.. try abercrombie!
Reply:No, sandals are appropriate for any gender at any age. As for the type of sandal it just depends on the persons taste and if they are looking for comfort. Personally I like the flip flop because they are comfortable and they come in many styles. You can dress up or dress down.
Reply:no it just depends what you are doing for anyone no matter what age you are
Reply:Sandals are completely appropriate for men of any age. Wear what you like. Just don%26#039;t wear them with socks, please.

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Summer Sandals?

What type of summer sandals do all of you females like out there and why? Please only female answers as that I am female. Thanks...

Summer Sandals?
i only like flip flops. not a big fan of wedges even though i should be cuz im really short. but flip flops are sooo comfy and with the right color, can match any outfit. I LOVE FLIP FLOPS!
Reply:wedges %26amp; flip flops.

wedges are just cute and go with everything.

%26amp; flip flops are stylish %26amp; comfortable.

Reply:I absolutly LOVE wedge sandals. They are so damn sexy, and give you that dressier look without actually wearing heels. I have four pairs and three of them are cork wedges, but I keep looking for more! Also white sandals are definitly hot.

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Gladiator Sandals...?

I%26#039;m in love with the new trend; GLADIATOR SANDALS

I can%26#039;t wait to buy a pair.

What do you think of them?

Where are some good places to buy them?

If you don%26#039;t know what they are, here%26#039;s a couple of pics.




Gladiator Sandals...?
I love them as well thogh hard to find in mens sizes :( but i do have some birkenstock sandals that resemble a gladitor type sandal but not all the straps. i need to find some like your pics in a mens 11 or 12
Reply:Sorry, I personally don%26#039;t like %26#039;em.. they might be very uncomfortable..
Reply:I love them, they are so casual and cute:]

I found a pair at JC Penney%26#039;s for 22 dollars!
Reply:yes i love them 2 they are very comfortble! fashion comes around in circles, i can remember these sandals being in fashion back in the 80%26#039;s!

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Why sandals with hot clothes?

I hear sandals keep you cool, but their worn with hot clothing...jeans sweaters long sleeve shirts...so what%26#039;s up with that

Why sandals with hot clothes?
Uh...not always.

But sandals are comfortable and keep your whole body cooler. (When your head or feet are hot, you get hot all over).
Reply:I guess it%26#039;s the style. Open toed shoes can be sexy.
Reply:Sometimes they are just sexy.... I love to wear sandals, with my toenails painted, makes me feel sexy.

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